KamLak joins the acQuire Nova Network.

August 9, 2019

CALGARY, AB - KamLak, a Calgary based consulting firm are excited today to announce that it is now an acQuire Nova Network Partner.

The acQuire Nova Network is a collaboration between acQuire and independent consultants to provide Geoscientific information management (GIM) services and solutions with acQuire products.

Nova Network partner organisations offer accredited data management services and acQuire technology implementation assistance to the global resources industries.

The KamLak team consists of accredited technologists who are backed by acQuire’s stringent partnership program.

Join us as we strive to positively impact the industry by the increasing awareness of the data asset that is the foundation of natural resource companies.

If you want to learn more about what we offer our customers, please visit our website at www.kamlak.ca, or reach out by contacting us on info@kamlak.ca.

For more information on how to contact the global network or become a Nova Network Partner visit www.acquire.com.au/nova-network.

About KamLak

At KamLak, we focus on improving business performance by providing services that help address complex business problems. We aim to optimize your workflows, systems and people to assist you transform your data asset to insights that will help you make impactful decisions.

By partnering with our customers, we strive to achieve efficiency and effectiveness through understanding your business needs while providing feedback on optimizing data management. We look to help improve data confidence and accessibility throughout the organization.

About acQuire

acQuire provide geoscience data management software and services for the mining industry. Organizations working in exploration, resource development or mining rely on acQuire’s data management solution to make profitable business decisions based on the quality and integrity of their data assets. acQuire’s GIM software is paired with product support services and accredited training to meet acQuire’s customer’s evolving technology needs. Founded in 1996, acQuire originated in Perth, Western Australia and since 2018 has been a part of Constellation Software via its operating group Vela Australia. The company currently has five offices around the globe, with customer support centers operating in each major time zone.